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On a jet plane


It is only 12 weeks, but the good byes feel like they will last forever. It became real looking in his eyes. My eyes are red and puffy and there is a mixture of excitement, anxiety, and sadness as I wait for my plane to board. The packing process was slow and steady and soon I will be across the world in Amsterdam attempting to navigate myself to Nijmegen. I have been staring at the plane that will take me on my journey out of my comfort zone and into a different way of life. Gate E18. United Airlines. I sit here trying to get things in order for my internship/practicum which in theory starts today though I am relieved to find after many phone calls and emails that the responsibilities are postponed until next week. I will start my first assignment Thursday and right now my first trip on the books will be to Zurich the second weekend in June, with a trip to Oslo in July. And hopefully a myriad of other adventures on weekends in between.
I used to imagine a trip to Europe as a strictly backpacking adventure like the one my friend Dan had a few years back, but now I think I am more pleased to be working and having a home base with travel restricted to weekends. I also wild have imagined my love coming with me or at least saying good bye at the gate like in the movies pre 9/11/2001. Things are rarely as we expect them to be and I can only hope that my expectations or lack thereof will be result in experiences that are both positive and life changing. As sad as I am to leave behind the love of my life, my puppies, my family, and my friends, I feel as though this venture is necessary for my professional and personal growth.

I hope that my ramblings here will benefit me and maybe entertain others, but really I hope I can figure out how to embed pretty pictures to share with all those I love and know.

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