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Amsterdam with Mom

The last of my European adventures (for now)

Amsterdam, the last leg of my summer journey. I got mom and I set up in a best western via a taxi that overcharged us when we arrived by train from Nice. We stayed in a hotel as opposed to a hostel because I was going to have to have lots of luggage from spending a summer in the Netherlands and I wanted some space to put it all. After we got checked in I had to catch a train back to Nijmegen to finish packing up all my belongings and then head to back to Amsterdam. I ended up in Nijmegen and the awesome woman whose room I was staying in I had forgotten was moving and took all her stuff to her new house so I didn't have a place to crash in Nijmegen for the night so stayed at a really great friend's house close by. A few of us hung out together in Nijmegen and then with the help of my really sweet friend, we got my luggage to the train station in the morning so I could make it back to Amsterdam to spend some time with my mom there.

I believe my mom went to a museum or two as we were right in the museum district of Amsterdam (i think).
Once reunited we went walking to have pancakes at a pancake house!
On the way there I saw one our U.S. sports stars covering the entire side of building in an advertisement...I thought this strange.


Mom had already taken a boat tour and said it was much better than the Paris boat tour so we hopped on the same boat tour she had already done - it was much better than the boat tour we took in Paris.

Next we went walking all around the city


Late at night and headed back the hotel after walking through the red light district we stumbled across a sign for a torture museum that was of course still open...so we went in.

I got some final photos of the evening...

Somewhere in the time we were in Amsterdam we went to the Anne Frank Museum and it was powerful, sad, and it is a visit everyone should make if they are headed to that part of the world.

The European adventure ended in a whirlwind, but my time with my mom as well as with all my new friends was well spent.

Missing those I befriended and of course missing the travelling to some place new every/every-other weekend.

Couldn't have had this adventure without the support of my family. All the debt I still incurred and will be paying off for a while....totally worth it.

This will not be the last of my adventures, but they will be few and far between and likely will mostly be taking place stateside.

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Nice, France

con mi Mamá

When I think of Nice, or when I used to think of Nice, I used to think oooo la la and raise a pinky in the air for the ritziness I'd expect of the area and there is a lot of that I suppose, but it wasn't the overall feel of the place. I had these illusions that I would be knocked down from the beauty, but really it was not as impressive as I would have thought. The beaches are stone and it's steep to get into the ocean blue, however the water was perfect and beautiful. As I was a tourist, I was there during high tourist season so there were people EVERYWHERE. The best part of my time in Nice was when I went "canyoning" which I didn't get any pictures of because at the time I didn't have a camera that was water proof. The trip was mostly jumping off of tall boulders into the water, but the view of the sky and cliffs around me was beautiful, it reminded me of Arizona or New Mexico, but with more olive trees. Also, the pizza I had in Nice was the best pizza I have ever eaten - in the Mediterranean they know what's up with their pizza. Overall it was a lovely time, but you must go with some money because the French Riviera does not come cheap! Maybe the town would have been better for me if I'd have known a local to show me around to places that I'd like, but overall I felt like I was getting all the icing off a cake without a really good cake to bite into. A beautiful city certainly, but it just didn't have the depth of a city I felt I could enjoy for an extended period of time. San Sebastian is full of wealth in Spain, but the atmosphere is much more fun, and dare I say the food was better (except for that amazing pizza!).
Okay enough of my rambling and onto some photos!

We stayed at Villa St Exupery Gardens and I took pictures of some of the doors with the "The Little Prince" theme because I've read the book and sometimes my significant other and I read parts of the Spanish version to help me with my Spanish.
This hostel is about 20 minutes away by train and it's pretty easy to get to. They have a closer location to the beach and directly in town, but it is a bit more expensive. I didn't think staying 20 minutes away was a big deal, but I also wasn't out partying past when the trains stop....

Out into Nice!

The only pictures I got from going canyoning are of us getting in our gear to deal with the cold water. I was glad to be wrapped up in this gear, however I felt a bit silly when we made it to the end of our canyon trip and there were many locals jumping off rocks in basic swim suits and no helmets. Tourism and liability = gots to wear the gear.

Back in town I met up with my mom and we went out around town again. Here we caught a game of Sand ball...I have never heard of this game, but here was a tournament going on and it was pretty entertaining.

This is some church we went in to that was incredibly ornate. It reminded me of some Spanish churches I have visited.

Walking back to catch our ride to the hostel

Final day in Nice

Mom and I split this giant thing of ice cream and it was amazing!

Last leg of the trip is next and that is in Amsterdam!

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With MOM

Paris was still very cool the second time around and my mom and I definitely had a great time. We walked around quite a bit, as is easy to do in Paris with the beautiful architecture and sights.

Walking around Paris first thing

We stumbled across this beautiful garden that I didn't get enough good pictures of to capture how pretty it was. There was also a really neat older carrousel that I neglected to get a photo of...should've listened to mom on that one.

We made our way to Arc de Triomphe

SNAILS on Champs-Élysées

Following day was a day for the Louvre!!! Get ready for some serious photos. Keep in mind that I captured a small fraction of what this museum has to offer.
the line is inevitable...we only waited for 30 minutes to get through security and probably less than 5 minutes once inside to grab tickets from the machine....if you waited in line above ground instead of below ground like we did, you probably would be waiting for well over an hour.

For some reason this is the picture, out of EVERYTHING in this museum, this is what everyone wants a picture of...and i wedged my way through the masses to grab one as well. If it was on my bucket list (which it wasn't) at least it's been checked off.


Best Hot chocolate EVER after a nice afternoon in and around the Louvre

Little bit of walking around

That night we went to see Moulin Rouge
There was some dancing that was absolutely phenomenal and then there was some dancing that was very cheesy, along with some very cheesy music. However, mom and I had a delightful time drinking champagne and watching the show. They even have naked lady swim with some snakes, but I felt bad for the giant snakes as they kept trying to escape the tank only to be put back in the water by the woman or a handler around the tank's edge. I wish I could show you video or pictures, but they collect all camera equipment before you enter so you are unable to record. Lots of ruffly dresses, breasts, strong men, a comedy act in the middle, and this one dance where the music was very YMCA and everyone was dressed in pleather...I couldn't restrain my laughs though I kept them quiet.

NEXT DAY we went to the Montmartre Cemetery
This place was beautiful and peaceful with some truly ornate burial sites. This also brought me back to more serious thoughts of the evils of humanity when grave sites were seen that identified individuals as having died in concentration camps.

This grave was so beautiful and ornate we looked up the singer - if you are curious about her at all her name is Dalida


and this director and producer had an interesting grave site...i personally thought these kinds of photos on a grave were a little creepy, but who am I to judge.

this was probably one of my favorites...if you can have a favorite grave site


After the cemetery we headed to the Sacré-Cœur Basilica

We then headed to do a boat tour as I had wanted to do one previously because I had watched some travel specials stating that they were a great way to see the city. After doing the boat tour, I'm not sure I agree with that...we did certainly get to see a lot of bridges.

The N on this bridge is for Napoleon who I believe had this bridge built


somewhere in the above pictures we left the boat tour and were then walking around

Eiffel Tower! I like to take as many pictures of it as possible....as you can see. Watching it sparkle at 11pm was how we ended our Parisian adventure!

Next adventure with mom was to Nice, France!!!

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With MOM!

Well, I've been back in Houston, TX, USA a while now, but I neglected to post all the photos from my travels with my mom when she flew up to do some travelling with me; Mommy-daughter trip - YAY! She arrived in Amsterdam and then we immediately returned together to Nijmegen where we checked into the hotel nearest the train station. We did some shopping together and we walked all around Nijmegen. Most of my pictures are from the place I wanted to go in Nijmegen all summer, but wanted to wait for my mom, and that is the bicycle museum. Although one of my friends had heard of it, they thought it might just be a creepy dude in his house with some old bikes, but that was not the case at all. Some seriously amazing bicycles. However, the gentleman who runs the museum said he wishes we were there at a different time because they had many more modern bikes on display to go through the history of Tour de France Netherlands cyclists. The collection was also amazing as it exhibited many U.S. bicycles that apparently the U.S. is no longer allowed to ship out because it is our history - so a unique collection indeed.
Feast your eyes on bicycles!!!

can you tell i like bikes and i thought that was pretty amazing?!

a few other photos from around Nijmegen

Mother and daughter together & the fun begins....

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