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Amsterdam with Mom

The last of my European adventures (for now)

Amsterdam, the last leg of my summer journey. I got mom and I set up in a best western via a taxi that overcharged us when we arrived by train from Nice. We stayed in a hotel as opposed to a hostel because I was going to have to have lots of luggage from spending a summer in the Netherlands and I wanted some space to put it all. After we got checked in I had to catch a train back to Nijmegen to finish packing up all my belongings and then head to back to Amsterdam. I ended up in Nijmegen and the awesome woman whose room I was staying in I had forgotten was moving and took all her stuff to her new house so I didn't have a place to crash in Nijmegen for the night so stayed at a really great friend's house close by. A few of us hung out together in Nijmegen and then with the help of my really sweet friend, we got my luggage to the train station in the morning so I could make it back to Amsterdam to spend some time with my mom there.

I believe my mom went to a museum or two as we were right in the museum district of Amsterdam (i think).
Once reunited we went walking to have pancakes at a pancake house!
On the way there I saw one our U.S. sports stars covering the entire side of building in an advertisement...I thought this strange.


Mom had already taken a boat tour and said it was much better than the Paris boat tour so we hopped on the same boat tour she had already done - it was much better than the boat tour we took in Paris.

Next we went walking all around the city


Late at night and headed back the hotel after walking through the red light district we stumbled across a sign for a torture museum that was of course still open...so we went in.

I got some final photos of the evening...

Somewhere in the time we were in Amsterdam we went to the Anne Frank Museum and it was powerful, sad, and it is a visit everyone should make if they are headed to that part of the world.

The European adventure ended in a whirlwind, but my time with my mom as well as with all my new friends was well spent.

Missing those I befriended and of course missing the travelling to some place new every/every-other weekend.

Couldn't have had this adventure without the support of my family. All the debt I still incurred and will be paying off for a while....totally worth it.

This will not be the last of my adventures, but they will be few and far between and likely will mostly be taking place stateside.

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