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International Four Days Marches

53 °F

I spend most of my weekends getting to know a lot of other countries outside of The Netherlands. This last weekend I intended to change that, but the weather was miserable and so I spent most of my time in my teeny tiny little room sleeping, working out, reading, and finishing up the Mad Men series. This week however, the weather has not been nearly as bad as it was predicted to be and the International Four Days Marches are going on. Wikipedia info on the Marches
Official Website
Official Festivities Website
During this week the town goes from a population of 160,000 or so according to wikitravel to a population of somewhere around 1 million (this last number is what everyone keeps telling me so it must be accurate). The normal calm streets are filled with people and they set up stages all over the city. The idea kind of reminds me of the Westheimer Street Festival aka West Fest, only more successful because the city is so much smaller and compact. There is quite the range of music playing and it is something else to hear so many different languages being spoken all around you. Many soldiers do the walking and so there are soldiers from all over Europe here walking (a few U.S. soldiers too I hear). I have tried to take pictures of places around Nijmegen during the festival.

The first night I went.

By the way, they have castles here! (real ones)
Where they keep pet deer.....

the street all lit up

Please note this ride is called the "American Wipp" ➔ the misspelling and the drawings to me indicate how many in this world see us. I face-palm at the idea of it.

There is a big church in the middle I should really go take pictures of during the day sometime.

talk about bicycles!!!1DSCN0409.jpg
one last look for the evening1DSCN0410.jpg

I wanted to go another night but instead this is what I did...something I do quite a lot of

[u]Thursday Night and into the wee hours of Friday[u]


this is a bicycle museum I really want to check out when my mom comes to visit.

these are me taking pictures that won't come out of a castle in the distance that for some reason i am just now really seeing - far more impressive the the castle-like pictures I showed you earlier

The night was finished by going to an amazing headphones party. yes, a headphones party. There is a DJ and everyone is dancing to their own beat wearing wireless headphones. Someone needs to jump on this and do it in Houston because if you are not wearing headphones it is absolutely hilarious and if you are wearing headphones you dance to the same beat as your friends maybe and some strangers and it is truly an interesting experience - maybe like dancing alone in your room, but so is everyone else.

I might add that riding on the back of the bicycle on the luggage rack, like so many people do here, is very fun and I recall riding my friends around on the back of my bicycle on the luggage rack when I was young - though I wasn't supposed to, this better prepared me for these experiences. *winking at you dad

Next place to explore will be Oslo, but as I am meeting up with friends I am not too sure there will be many touristy photos to share, but no worries, I will make more adventures for sharing on future dates. Only a couple weeks left of my internship and then it's non-stop travel time for two weeks and then I am home to Houston, Texas.

I nearly forgot - fresh stroopwaffles are deliciousa picture of someone else's stroopwafel that i got off the interwebs

a picture of someone else's stroopwafel that i got off the interwebs

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